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The complicated European and American classics have become the mainstream style of the current big house. Is it really fashionable

what we call big houses are not all villas, "soup mice", but also large houses with an area of more than 200 square meters. They meet the owner's living needs, but also bring the trouble of "one side of a thousand villas" - the complicated European and American classics have become the mainstream style of the current big house, so is it really fashionable? What choice do individualists who don't want to drift with the tide have

don't talk about personality with wealth

European and American classicism is not bad. It designs an aristocratic life that everyone yearns for, but the problem is that in this diversified society, the pursuit of ultimate enjoyment is not just a way to "return to the Victorian era". The wave of globalization has led China into the main proposition of the era of "self demonstration, comfort and nature", that is to say, the most fashionable decoration now, regardless of style, It depends on whether it fits the personality of the owner

for big house, when all living needs have been solved and more money can be invested in decoration, it should pursue its own personality. Of course, this kind of personality is not unconventional, nor is it luxurious to "bring golden armor all over the house", but conforms to the owner's personality and aesthetics, making the house a part of a comfortable life and no longer a model room to show style. Don't talk about personality with wealth, don't be fooled by outsiders, don't pursue vanity, but follow your own feelings and physical needs, and your home will embark on the road of not kitsch

here, we will give you a "basic lesson" of mastering the style of big house through some cases, so that you can communicate with professional designers without being passive. However, it should be reminded that as an owner, once you approve the designer's design scheme, you should try to restrain your desire to intervene at any time, otherwise, the effect of decoration may be very different from your imagination

the decoration style of big house should not only consider preferences, but also consider uses

style single choice question

the decoration style of big house should not only consider preferences, but also consider uses. For example, villas, some are places for daily living and some are places for holiday parties. They are absolutely different in design. This should be communicated clearly with the designer at the beginning, because it is a single choice question

life story of white country

this case is a large house with an area of about 200 square meters. The reason for choosing it is that it is a home completely belonging to itself, and the breath of life is very rich

the bright spots are sparse and bright.

the living room is arranged very compactly, making the reception space moderate and cordial. Unlike some large houses, the distance between sofas is several meters away, completely ignoring the needs of life. The designer adopts the stacking decoration method commonly used in European classical home, but it is not very cramped because of the simple background (color, ceiling, etc.); Compared with the compactness of the living room, the dining room is so spacious that the oval dining table for eight people is not large

practical details of highlights

details are also the characteristics of this case, especially the excellent use of flowers and ornaments. The flowers and grasses everywhere (real flowers and grasses + small rags) make the whole room full of vitality. It is matched with white to build a noble British elegance, and the French court desk and Victorian chair make the cultural atmosphere ripple in the room; The practical wash basin beside the dining table is designed as a false windowsill. When not in use, the curtain is down, and outsiders can't see the mystery

in short, this house does not blindly pursue luxury, but makes every detail very practical, and the owner's taste and personality are clear at a glance

tips due to the limitations of architectural design, large houses often have the problem of uneven area utilization, and the frequently used space is sometimes very cramped, while the space rarely involved leaves a large area. At this time, designers need to adjust the plan at any time to achieve a reasonable arrangement of functions and meet the basic requirements of life

The interior space is usually divided into key space and sub key space. The key space refers to the private places that are used every day, such as kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. The sub key is the extended space of the house, such as entertainment room, audio-visual room, reception hall, etc. the vacation villa is to do a good job in the design of the sub key space according to the specific needs

this case is a resort villa full of temptations. It has gorgeous colors and personality. The fragrant sunshine bathroom and fashionable audio-visual room give people a Mediterranean like hot enjoyment

multiple choice questions for details

big house has many special space processing methods. It is the finishing touch of space. The following details are wonderful, which can be used as a reference for your villa decoration

transparent glass wall: This design uses tooling for reference. A glass wall makes the room extremely transparent and integrates the scenery inside and outside the house. Attention should be paid to safety and warmth

shaped smart roof: this space is also very common in villas and needs to be adapted to local conditions




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