The decoration of the house shocked the TV station

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Who will spend the million yuan decoration fund?

on April 27, the Lu Mingzui decoration crew came to announce

is the long-awaited house coming? Passion in May, the most exciting thing for our new owners is that we finally have our own home. Lying in a warm bed, I'm afraid I'll laugh even in my dream

however, when you think everything is as beautiful as a fairy tale, the real severe challenge has just revealed his fox tail. That is decoration

as we all know, decoration is a laborious job. All kinds of trivia are entangled, and they are afraid to prevent Jerry built work and shoddy goods. No matter how honest the decorator is, he should watch carefully... Are you tired

now, here we are

as the first dialect conversation column of Jiangcheng decoration under Wuhan education television station, the "Lu Ming mouth decoration" hosted by Lu Ming, the head of Wuhan rap troupe and a famous crosstalk actor, will be on the screen on May 10

in order to make the program more abundant and representative. In order to make your future home have the opportunity to become a fashion model of Jiangcheng decoration under the whole process quality supervision of this column. Now the owners who have decoration needs and requirements for decoration quality are widely solicited from the society to hold a large-scale media meeting. Bring your questions and entanglements, your house type map, and come to the main creator of this column. The senior experts of Jiangcheng fine decoration, the leading brand of Jiangcheng fine decoration, will answer for you one by one for free

there are also various preferential gifts and a million

decoration funds provided by the column group. Who will be the luckiest person

time of activity: 14:00 on April 27, 2014

address of activity: Jinxiu hall on the second floor of Wuhan Tian'an Holiday Hotel

registration Tel.: 15827499718

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