Xi'an Lanhua uses aerospace technology as sensor

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Xi'an Lanhua: using aerospace technology as sensors

the annual "Wuhan international industrial control automation and instrument signal at this time is analog signal Instrument Exhibition" was grandly opened in Wuhan International Exhibition on March 13, as a professional exhibition of industrial control industry in Central China. In order to become a stage for enterprises to display the latest products, it also provides a communication platform for friends in the industrial automation industry. Many industrial control manufacturers brought their own products to the exhibition, and Xi'an Lanhua was also invited to participate in the exhibition

Xi'an Lanhua sensor Co., Ltd., located in China Aircraft City, is a professional company dedicated to the development and production of sensors and their supporting measurement and control instruments. As the company is located in China Aircraft city (Xi'an), taking advantage of this advantage, Lanhua people fully demonstrate the high-tech advantages of aircraft City, adopt advanced aviation technology, implement aviation product management mode, and deepen the development, research and production of various sensors and their secondary instruments on the basis of advanced scientific research results. The group leader is Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council. The inductive frequency modulation sensor has advanced technology, unique design, superior parameters and reliable performance, and has won Chinese and American patents. Today, Lanhua's products have been widely used in industry, national defense, transportation, construction, scientific research, education, agriculture and other fields. In recent years, the pore water pressure, earth pressure, liquid level, water depth and other sensors and measurement and control instruments produced by Lanhua have been welcomed by the fields of water conservancy, geotechnical engineering, geotechnical testing and dam safety monitoring, and the products have been distributed all over the country. Audience of

exhibitors during "1035"


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