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In the morning, the bisphenol a market prompted

yesterday, the domestic bisphenol a market continued to be in the doldrums of last week, and the price continued to be weak. The mainstream price was centered on yuan/yuan. When the buyer pressed the price, lower prices also continued to emerge, and the negotiation tended to be lower. The downstream epoxy resin was still wait-and-see, with less procurement, and the traders' interest in speculation and speculation was weak. They paid close attention to the upcoming overseas market, and the material price should be fair, relevant data and market trend. Manufacturers: when purchasing self-adhesive experimental equipment for 16000 T/a bisphenol tape manufacturers of Wuxi resin factory, the following three points should be paid attention to: unit a starts to start, the operating rate of 25000 T/a unit remains at 70% and 70%, the products are mainly for their own use, and a small amount of products are sold in the market. Shanghai Bayer's 110000 T/a bisphenol a plant maintains an operating rate of 50%. At present, the manufacturer mainly supplies a small amount of contract goods and suspends sales to the outside world

negotiations on the external market have stabilized. At present, the external market of bisphenol A continues to stabilize between USD/T cfrcmp. Due to the impact of device maintenance and the commencement of new downstream PC devices, there is little pressure in the short term

once the market fell and confused, many businesses began to flinch and have no interest in entering the market, waiting for the coming year. In the past two months, domestic manufacturers have completely lost their guiding role in the market trend. Although some businesses have the idea of bottom reading, they are also hesitant about when the current confused market will hit the bottom in powder and granular forms, and the downstream epoxy resin and PC market will gradually turn to light, The continuous decline of related products ECH has also restrained the downstream procurement of bisphenol A. the abundant supply and slow consumption of bisphenol A coexist in the market, and there is no sign of improvement in the market. Bisphenol A seems to be developing towards this more depressed situation

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